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Mumbai Global Newspaper Hindi & English is happy to announce that we have successfully completed 8 years in the month of May 2018, among the other giants of print media. Mumbai Global heartily thanks all our readers and patrons, who have supported us in this successful journey. We look forward to the same support from friends & well wishers in future too. On Successful completion of Eight years, Mumbai Global has decided to give Achiever's Awards to Achievers from various fields of Life, like Entertainment, Social Work, Business, Fashion, Medical Professional, Police, Sports, Education, Media & Special Awards will be given to the esteemed Farmers, Auto Union, Taxi Union, Dabbawala Union, Clean-up Mumbai.

About the Awards

An awards property focussed at the achievers who have made it big in life and inspired others. The title Mumbai Global brings out the values and persona of the individuals who have made it big in life in terms of work, family and goodwill in society, a role model of Inspiration for millions. A gesture of values embodied into an achiever with substance and endurance.

Award Property Characteristics

An unique award which is an identity of the Individual and
1 felicitation towards his achievents in life
2 A salutation to the Achievers.

The Show

The Award show will have the following
* Special Act of opening ceremony
* Performances by Bollywood Celebrites
* Performances by International Artists
* Nominations Film & TV, Art, Civil Services, Business, Sports, Social Service, farmers, bus driver’s union, clean up mumbai union, Auto Union, Taxi Union, Dabbawala Union. Etc.
* Closing Ceremony

Award Function Briefing

1. Farmers

The source of providing the whole world with eatables, the farmers have been a great contribution to the whole society. They deserve a great value of honor, and they put all their energies to bring forth the best cultivation by striving in heavy rains and pricking heat.

2. Dabbawala

The category of dabbawala is defined to be the most disciplined, punctual and dedicated section of occupation. Their contribution to the society has been very significant. Not only on national level, but even on international platform they have been rewarded.

3. Police

We become confident of moving out at any time of the day coz we know that we are supported by the police people. They take a lot of pain for keeping us safe and secured. They sacrifice their comfort and put their life on stake for our protection. They deserve a very dignified award for their hardships.

4. Entertainment

This section of society is the best source of entertainment. Without their contribution to the society the world would have been very boring and monotonous. They refresh our mind by giving a break from our daily chorus. Even the comedians, music composers also play a very vital role in our society.

5. Taxi & Auto service

This section of society has a special seat in our society because of their contribution in our daily life. They provide us with their spontaneous service at any hour of the day. Just because of their dedication we become more confident to reach any destination at any time.

6. Media

This section of our society play a very significant part in our life as this is the only section which contributes with providing information with exact details, which is very important for the people to know. We remain at home and get information about all the happenings around the world through newspapers and TV channels. Their efforts need to be honoured.

7. Business

This section of our society plays a very significant part in the growth of economy of our nation. Because of the efforts of our businessmen, our society is moving towards prosperity and self dependent in economic field. They deserve recognition for their contribution.

8. Social workers (N.G.O)

It is the most honorable section of society because of their contribution without any profit intention. While the whole world strives to earn, this part of society puts all its efforts to fulfill the requirements of the needy and plays a great part of responsibility toward the deprived.

9. Clean up

This part of the society deserves a great part of respect and pride because they make the place clean, tidy and beautiful. When the whole society is sleeping early morning the clean up people start their work to make the city beautiful and which helps in keeping the deceases away.


10. Medical professional

This category of society has to be given a special a special reverence they are the second god on the earth who save the world from ailments. Just because of the doctors we imagine of recovery and god health.

11. Politicians

This category is the most significant part because of which the rules regulations and policies are made and the whole society follows and becomes civilized. We become carefree just because of the reason that we trust that the society will be safe and secured because of them.

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